Symbols for Experience
The challenge for this project was creating an icon set that can be used to filter out the Experiences offered on Airbnb. In addition, a  symbol for ‘Experience’ was created to help brand the service.
After some sketches of abstracted ‘E’, ‘Ex’, shooting stars, and camera forms turned into something that mildly resembles a smiley face. It derives from a camera lens because people use cameras to capture experiences.
Icon Set
To begin, I looked at their existing filtering system. The current categories were too specific and left some events out. Keeping that in mind,I was able to create a list of categories that encompasses all of the Experiences offered on Airbnb. The categories are:
Nature, Architecture, Cuisine, Music, Adrenaline, Relaxation, Night Life, Art, Luxury, Economically
Other concepts such as Beginner, Experienced, Couples, and Familial were also explored. However, those categories only added clutter and felt unnecessary.
Icons created by me.
Icons created by me.
Existing Airbnb icons.
Existing Airbnb icons.
In pink: Icons created by me.
In white: Icons used on Airbnb.
The experience icons were given more detail in order to show personality to hosts' events. The usage of the icons also allow for more detail since they will not be scaled as small as the existing icons.
Application of Icon System
The icons work best on the Experience search page with captions under them. Users can select multiple categories and see what events fit this criteria. When a category is chosen, the icon is filled in.

Marketing Campaign
Some exploration for advertisement style. The Experience icon can be paired with the Airbnb logo to sign off on billboards, videos, etc. 

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